Cynical Optimism – Chapter Four on Self-Publishing

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Cynical Optimism – Chapter Four on Self-Publishing

Mobile phone signals upset bees, y’know.  They get irrate & start debating swarming.  It’s a Sci-Fi movie waiting to happen.  Revenge on the modern world.

My editing is coming along steady.  My editor is definitely worth the money.  As is the dapper chap designing my cover art.  These are the two best investments in the sphere of ‘self-pubbing’ (as the cool kids call it).  I know this for two reasons – firstly I’ve read it over & over again on blogs about self-publishing, secondly it’s common sense.  But y’know what they say about common sense, it’s not so bloody common.  (Hense I prefer the term ‘gumption’.)

My next inquiry with printing concerns Lightening Source who do POD & bulk orders for printing.  I’m trying to get a rough quote from them.  If anyone knows owt about them, please do comment below.

Meanwhile (in a Nottingham suburb currently dripping pathetically like yesterday’s snowman) I’ve done some sober reading about the market for fiction.  Here’s some numbers (from 2010 but still)…

  • 90,000 New novel titles are released every year in the UK.
  • 90% of these don’t sell much over 3,500 copies.
  • (If you’ve looked into the cost of printing good quality paperback books, you really need to print at least 3000 to sell your book at around £5-7 & make a reasonable profit.  And don’t forget Amazon insist on your lowest price.)

I spose this is where eBooks come in.  You don’t have the massive print & distribution costs, it’s the sole reason self-pubbing has really taken off.  This is upsetting to fans of real books.  This is why many are sounding the alarm for the death of the book.  This sucks big time.

Also sobering is that only real big kids, who are prolific in the production of new titles can make their sole living from writing novels.  Most have other jobs like freelance editing, journalism, screenwriting.  I don’t even know if as an indie publisher I’ll be able to give up the day job.  For this reason I’m continuing to get involved in as many creative projects as possible.  On the plus side I’d love to write for film, as I’m probably more heavily influenced by cinema than I am by literature.

Instead of being a glum fox & thinking ‘so much for best laid plans’, I think I merely need to be ready to evolve & adapt.  You can drive yourself nuts tryin to stay ahead of the game.  Day after day reading more stuff on the net about this & that.  Instead focus on the task at hand but keep your nose in the wind.

Dead wise.

If you need a chuckle after those dull numbers, here’s Chuck Wendig on why writers are ‘Bug Fuck Nuts’

Over & owt


(P.S. How pretty is my blog now?)

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